Hose Splicer Barb Fittings

Hose Splicer Barb Fittings

Hose Splicers allow for the connection of two hoses. Hose clamps or crimped ferrules are required to complete the connection.


  • Brass Construction
  • Made in USA
Item Description
BS03 Hose Splicer, 3/16" ID
BS04 Hose Splicer, 1/4" ID
BS04-DL Hose Splicer, 1/4" ID & (2) Clamps, Display
BS05 Hose Splicer, 5/16" ID
BS05-DL Hose Splicer 5/16" ID & (2) Clamps, Display
BS06 Hose Splicer, 3/8" ID
BS06-DL Hose Splicer, 3/8" ID & (2) Clamps, Display
BS08 Hose Splicer, 1/2" ID