CEG® Series Blow Guns

CEG® Series Blow Guns

The CEG® is a seamless replacement for the old blowgun that currently resides in your toolbox. Designed from the ground up for flow, the unique shape and tip design offer the same size of the standard blowgun, with twice the flow. An ergonomic shape, along with the rubber molded grip provides hours of comfortable use. This blowgun series accepts standard 1/8” tips, but works best with the CEG® style tip. When equipped with a “safety tip”, conforms to OSHA standards for noise levels (1910.95) and 30 psi dead-end pressure (1910.242B).


  • Flows Much More than Guns of the Same Size
  • Ergonomic Shape and Rubber Grip Enhance Comfort
  • Maximum Input: 150 psi
  • 1/4" npt Inlet
  • Can Accept Standard Coilhose 1/8" Tips
Item Description Tip Style OSHA 1910.242B OSHA 1910.95
CEG-06SH-DPB CEG Blow Gun with 6" High Flow Safety Tip 6" CEG Safety Yes Yes
CEG-12SH-DPB CEG Blow Gun with 12" High Flow Safety Tip 12" CEG Safety Yes Yes
CEG-1H-CS CEG Blow Gun with High Flow Safety Tip CEG Safety Yes Yes
CEG-24SH-DPB CEG Blow Gun with 24" High Flow Safety Tip 24" CEG Safety Yes Yes
CEG-36SH-DPB CEG Blow Gun with 36" High Flow Safety Tip 36" CEG Safety Yes Yes