Garden Flexeel®

Garden Flexeel®

Coilhose Pneumatics' Garden Flexeel® is a reinforced polyurethane hose that offers a slender profile for compact storage and flexibility. This hose is suitable for use in moderate flow applications such as garden and greenhouse watering.

Garden Flexeel® features standard 3/4 inch garden hose threads and is approximately 1/2 inch diameter OD. Garden Flexeel® is equipped with reusable strain relief fittings that allow for in-field repairs of damaged hose sections. Flexeel® Strain Relief Fittings maintain the hose's diameter, providing full flow at even a 180° bend.

Furthermore, Flexeel® Strain Relief Fittings feature an integral brass insert that is part of the injection molding process. This means that the brass insert is a permanent part of the strain relief.


  • Reinforced Polyurethane Provides Lightweight and Flexibility
  • Equipped with Reusable Strain Relief Fittings
  • Broad Temperature Range
  • Made in USA
Item Description Length Packaging
PGH6025GS 25-foot Polyurethane Slender-profile Garden Flexeel® Garden Hose 25' Box
PGH6050GS 50-foot Polyurethane Slender-profile Garden Flexeel® Garden Hose 50' Box

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