Flexeel Gold® with Reusable Strain Relief Fittings

Flexeel Gold® with Reusable Strain Relief Fittings

To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, Coilhose is introducing Gold Flexeel hose. This eye-catching product offers all the benefits of our bestselling Flexeel hose, and in addition the distinctive color makes for easy identification on the job site!

Flexeel® Reinforced Polyurethane Hose offers an excellent alternative to bulky rubber hose. This hose is extremely lightweight and is extruded with an inner-layer, a layer of reinforced braiding, and an outside jacket. This extrusion process yields an "integral piece" that ensures the integrity of the hose over long periods of use. All of this yields a strong, durable hose with an increased working pressure.

These hoses are equipped with reusable strain relief fittings that allow for in-field repairs of damaged hose sections. Flexeel Strain Relief Fittings maintain the hose's diameter, providing full flow at even a 180° bend.

Furthermore, Flexeel® Strain Relief Fittings feature an integral brass insert that is part of the injection molding process. This means that the brass insert is a permanent part of the strain relief.

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  • Constructed of Reinforced Polyurethane, Lightweight and Tough
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +165°F
  • 200 psi Working Pressure
  • High Quality Brass Fittings Provide Strong & Durable Connection
  • Strain Relief Fittings are Completely Field Repairable
  • Made in USA
  • Available While Supplies Last
Item Description Fittings Inside Dia (in) Length (ft) Color
PFE40504GLD Flexeel Gold Hose, 1/4" x 50', 1/4" MPT Reusable Strain Relief Fittings, Gold 1/4" MPT Rigid 1/4" 50'
PFE41004GLD Flexeel Gold Hose, 1/4" x 100', 1/4" MPT Reusable Strain Relief Fittings, Gold 1/4" MPT Rigid 1/4" 100'

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