Lock-On Splicer Fittings

Lock-On Splicer Fittings

Coilhose Pneumatics offers splicer fittings for the Lock-On series of hose. Splicers enable the user to join two lengths of hoses together, or to simply repair a damaged section.

Installation consists of cutting the hose square, and pushing the hose barb into the Lock-On Hose.


  • Simple Installation
  • Reusable
  • Made in USA
Item Description Packaging
LS0404 Lock-On Splicer, 1/4" ID Standard
LS0404-DL Lock-On Splicer, 1/4" ID, Display Display Card
LS0606 Lock-On Splicer, 3/8" ID Standard
LS0606-DL Lock-On Splicer, 3/8" ID, Display Display Card
LS0808 Lock-On Splicer, 1/2" ID Standard

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