The Miniature Series Lubricators are designed to be utilized in small spaces with limited flow requirements.

Equipped standard with polycarbonate bowl.

Note: Units equipped with polycarbonate bowls are not compatible with certain chemicals. Please reference the FAQ section of our website under "filters" for a listing of known chemicals that should not be in contact with the polycarbonate bowls.

Refer to the link below, or the Coilhose Price List for all available configurations.


  • For Installation in Compact Spaces
  • Perfect for Control Panels and Miniature Pneumatic Circuits
  • Made in USA with Domestic & Foreign Components
Item Description Port Size Max Input Pressure Bowl Material
ML1 1/8" Miniature Lubricator 1/8" 150 psi Polycarbonate
ML1-CS 1/8" Miniature Lubricator, Clam Shell 1/8" 150 psi Polycarbonate
ML1-M 1/8" Miniature Lubricator, Metal Bowl 1/8" 250 psi Metal
ML2 1/4" Miniature Lubricator 1/4" 150 psi Polycarbonate
ML2-CS 1/4" Miniature Lubricator, Clam Shell 1/4" 150 psi Polycarbonate
ML2-M 1/4" Miniature Lubricator, Metal Bowl 1/4" 250 psi Metal

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