The 26 Series offers a balance of compact size and optimum flow. The 26 Series Lubricator provides the ability to automatically apply oil to tools and equipment in your compressed air system.

26 Series Lubricators are equipped standard with polycarbonate bowls.

Note: Units equipped with polycarbonate bowls are not compatible with certain chemicals. Please reference the FAQ section of our website under "filters" for a listing of known chemicals that should not be in contact with the polycarbonate bowls.

Refer to the link below, or the Coilhose Price List for all available configurations.

Or see below for a full list of available part numbers


  • Balance of Compact Size and Flow
  • Lubricate Tools Automatically
  • Made in USA with Domestic & Foreign Components
Item Description Port Size Bowl Material
26L2 26 Series 1/4" Lubricator 1/4" Polycarbonate
26L2-CS 26 Series 1/4" Lubricator, Clamshell 1/4" Polycarbonate
26L2-M 26 Series 1/4" Lubricator, Metal Bowl 1/4" Metal
26L2-S 26 Series 1/4" Lubricator, Metal Bowl with Sight Glass 1/4" Metal w/ Sightglass
26L3 26 Series 3/8" Lubricator 3/8" Polycarbonate
26L3-CS 26 Series 3/8" Lubricator, Clamshell 3/8" Polycarbonate
26L3-M 26 Series 3/8" Lubricator, Metal Bowl 3/8" Metal
26L3-S 26 Series 3/8" Lubricator, Metal Bowl with Sight Glass 3/8" Metal w/ Sightglass

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