Ball Swivel Filter Connectors

Ball Swivel Filter Connectors

Ball Swivel Filter Connectors combine the compact package of a filter connector, with the increased comfort of a ball swivel. Users will enjoy an increased range of motion along with the protection needed for expensive air tools. Filter Connectors are the last line of defense against dirt and debris in an air hose.

Filtering Connector Element Kit is available, see product ILFC-KIT


  • Increases User Comfort, Allowing a Larger Range of Motion
  • Steel Socket Construction Extends Life of Connector, Prevents Galling
  • Full Flow at Any Angle
  • 40 µ Element
  • Made in USA
Item Description Interchange Material Body Size
14-04BSLF 1/4" ARO Ball Swivel Filter Connector, 1/4" MPT ARO Brass/Steel 1/4"
15-04BSLF 1/4" Industrial Filtered Ball Swivel Connector, 1/4" MPT Industrial Brass/Steel 1/4"
16-04BSLF 1/4" Automotive Filtered Ball Swl Conn, 1/4" MPT Automotive Brass/Steel 1/4"
ILFC-KIT Filtering Connector Element Kit fits 1/4" & 3/8"