Nozzles & Tips

Nozzles & Tips

All of the tips are compatible with the 600,700, 770, and CEG Series of blow guns with 1/8” threads. Models that provide OSHA compliance are labeled as "safety."


  • Standard 1/8" Thread
  • Models Designated as "Safety" are OSHA Compliant
Item Description
700RK 700 Series Repair Kit
811 Replacement Steel Blow Gun Brush
822 Replacement Nylon Blow Gun Brush
CEG-STH CEG Blow Gun High Flow Safety Nozzle
CEG-STH-DL CEG Blow Gun High Flow Safety Nozzle, Dislay Card
FLX7 7" Flexlink Blow Gun Extension
FLX7-DPB 7" Flexlink Blow Gun Extension, Display Bag
SAT13 Conical Rubber Blow Gun Tip
SAT13-DL Conical Rubber Blow Gun Tip, Display Card
SAT14 Siphon Blow Gun Tip
SAT15 Brass Non-Safety Blow Gun Tip
SAT45-DPB Blow Gun Bent Tip, 45° Angle at end, Display Bag
SNT-1 .042 X 15/16" Blow Gun Needle Tip
SNT-2 .050 X 1 3/16" Blow Gun Needle Tip
SNT-3 .072 X 1 3/4" Blow Gun Needle Tip
SNT-4 .095 X 2 15/32" Blow Gun Needle Tip
SNT-5 .134 X 2 3/4"Blow Gun Needle Tip
SNT-KIT-DPB Blow Gun Needle Tip Kit, Display Bag
ST10 Safety Blow Gun Tip
ST11 Safety Booster Blow Gun Tip
ST12 Safety Shield Blow Gun Tip
ST16 Safety Rubber Blow Gun Tip
ST16-DL Safety Rubber Blow Gun Tip, Display Card
ST17-KIT Safety Side Nozzle Radiator Cleaning Tip Kit
SVT10 High Volume Safety Tip